Pursuit of   HAPPINESS 

Varo Inc. and the Diego Real Estate group has gotten together this year to start a crowdfunding campaign. We want to help give back to our youth. Varo Inc. has donated $1,000 to Mt. Whitney High School.


Continuing with the newly founded tradition that was established last year, Varo-Real Investments Inc. would like to commit to donating the first $1,000 toward these scholarships. The foundation of this scholarship is to support the dreams and passions of our students by doing what we can to help them pursue a higher education. 
However, this year, we’d like to reach out to the local alumni and the friends and family of our current students by asking the community to participate alongside us by donating to the scholarship funds. 
100% of funds received will go toward local graduating High School students.

There are no impossible dreams

Together we will make it possible for them to pursue their happiness