"Nick was really cordial. He always kept his word and you can trust him. I always felt really comfortable after I talked to him but the overall experience was very comforting and comfortable."

Becky O.

"It was a very good experience. I was left with a house that was more than I could get put into it. And it turned out that my family needed a bigger home. So you guys came in and took care of it. And my neighbors will now have a much nicer house in that neighborhood and we're going to get ourselves a new house. So it was awesome. Thank you."

Barbara Bents

"My overall experience was very positive. I admitted I had talked to some other companies. And then when I called Nick I was trying to get an idea of what the value of the property would be and what their program would be like. I would definitely recommend that anybody that wants to sell their home, gets in touch with Varo."

Paul S.

"I like the service that I was provided with. They treated me with respect. And actually gave me a good insight and what was gonna happen instead of just a simple real estate transaction. I had a really good understanding with Diego and Nick. They really went the full way to make sure we knew what we were getting into and how it was going to work out."

Jaime D.