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Our CEO, Diego Espinoza-Martinez, started his career in real estate at the age of 18. Following the death of his father a week after his 18th birthday, much of the future of his younger siblings was left on his shoulders. Diego invested everything he had to start a career in Real Estate. Today, Varo is operated by a strong team of motivated and passionate associates.

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It's simple.
We have the best team in California
ready to close your transaction
for CASH within DAYS

Why should you sell your home to us?

We get tons of questions a day.
Here are our top 3.
You can view our full FAQ page here.

We find people that need help with their real estate financial difficulties, take those problems and blow them away.
No, seriously that's what we do!
We buy houses from people facing hard situations, guide them through and help them sell it to us. Our clients can get their money in a matter of days. Give us a call and we will walk you through this process over the phone!
We can get you out of any foreclosure, save your credit and give you the cash to walk away from your problem.
We got started because we had a desire to help those in need while starting a business for ourselves. We have established relationships with banks and we know how to negotiate with them. It is a wonderful feeling to see people get a second chance in life. We also work with great local agents in our area that help us get through these deals.
We can list a thousand reasons why but we'll keep it to 3
1. We will get you out of that tough situation.
2. You will get cash. Our guarantee.
3. We offer the best service to be found in California. We have helped over 200 families and our team of dedicated and hardworking associates are ready to serve you.

Meet the Team

We're ambitious workaholics who want to work for you.


Brittany D.

Analyst Supervisor

I help with communicating with the customers in order to have a good result.


Victor P.

Construction Director

My team specializes in bringing a home's old beauty back to life. I am passionate about my work and you can see it by clicking here.


Nicholas P.

Sr. Market Analyst

I work hard to make sure our clients get the best service possible. Learn the 5 easy steps to selling your house here.

Sell with Varo

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